Cultivating Growth and Connection: Our Birth Story

Spiritual Formation

Our Second Birth Story

Have you reached the part in your story where all you wanted in your life was for your soul to feel alive, your life to have purpose, and have better, stronger relationships? 

The truth for many of us entering the middle of our story is that we long for more—not more stuff. You probably strived, attained, and accomplished plenty. No, not the stuff that striving gets you. I’m talking about deep, soul-level more.

When did the priorities of my 20s and 30s stop being enough?

When did my career stop being enough?

When did the shopping stop being enough?

Independent children, aging parents, and daily physical and mental stress…

Welcome to the messy middle years.

Soul Trellis & The Second Half of Life

In the journey of life, we all seek meaning, purpose, and connection. This desire for personal and spiritual growth often coincides with significant transitions and challenges for women (like me!) in the second half of their lives.

Empty nesting, retirement, caregiving, widowhood, divorce, and second careers can all catalyze deep introspection and the yearning for a supportive community.

This is where Soul Trellis steps in, offering a nurturing environment for Christian women 40+ to cultivate their minds, hearts, and souls.

At its core, Soul Trellis is an organization dedicated to helping women connect with their authentic selves, find inner healing, and walk their unique paths toward emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity. By providing a judgment-free sanctuary and infusing ancient spiritual practices with modern wisdom, Soul Trellis tends to the soul’s garden, enabling each individual to blossom into their highest and holiest potential.

The name “Soul Trellis” is a beautiful metaphor for the support and guidance we want to offer you. Just as a trellis provides structure and support for a growing plant, Soul Trellis is a framework for a woman’s soul navigating the second half of life, encouraging them to reach new heights and flourish.

You might be ready to ask yourself and God the tough questions.

Questions like…

So, What is the Soul?

The soul is often understood as the essence of a person, encompassing their mind, emotions, and spirit. It is the core of our being, the part of us that seeks meaning, connection, and transcendence. At Soul Trellis, we recognize the importance of tending to the soul and creating space for its growth and well-being.

One of the key offerings of Soul Trellis is Soul Health Coaching and Spiritual Direction.

Soul Health Coaching provides a mind+body+spirit holistic approach to emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity. A Soul Health Coach is a soul companion with a plan to help you navigate the specific challenges that arise in the second half of your life.

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice that has been a vital part of many Christian traditions for centuries. In this one-on-one relationship, a trained Spiritual Director helps individuals discern and understand what God is doing and saying in their lives. Through listening, prayer, and reflection, the director and directee work together to cultivate a deeper awareness of God’s presence and action.

Can You Find More in the Middle?

I’d like to think so. Thanks to my own work in spiritual formation I see myself as worthy. I see God as kind and gentle. And I see a need for others to be invited into this type of formation.

I envision Soul Trellis as the epicenter for taking care of your soul. It’s a place that builds spiritual, emotional, and relational muscles.  And I pray it grows into a community of women who learn to love themselves, God, and others.

So, where should you start? Here are some options. Just click on any of the links below to learn more.

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